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Claire Rutherford - Director
Patent Attorney, CPA EPA
Registered European Design Attorney

Claire is the founder of Definition IP and set up the company with an aim of providing clear, commercially focused advice and services relating to Intellectual Property. 

As you would expect, Claire has significant experience of drafting, filing and prosecuting Patent Applications through to grant, preparing and filing registered Design Applications and assisting with Trade Mark and Copyright issues.  She has also provided IP audits and strategic advice to many SMEs and growing companies.

Claire has particular technical expertise in the life sciences and medical device fields as well as in the food and drink sector.  She also has significant expertise in providing startegic assistance to companies in all technology areas who are going through a period of transition, such as a funding stages from seed to IPO, where a well-managed IP strategy can be a significant asset.

Dan Mercer - Director
Patent Attorney, CPA EPA
Registered European Design Attorney

Dan is a highly experienced Chartered UK Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.  

Dan has extensive experience of preparing patent applications and prosecution, including provision of initial invention reviews and advice; FTO and infringement work and searching; patent landscaping; IP strategy and portfolio management and enhancement, and providing guidance on contentious matters including infringement and IP litigation.

Dan’s technical specialisms include software, electronics and all aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering. Dan has worked extensively across a range of sectors including medical devices, scientific instruments, consumer electronics, communications technologies and industrial and process engineering. In recent years Dan has worked with a number of companies including “app” based start-ups, healthcare companies and fin-tech companies.

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