Conn Power Associate

Trainee Patent Attorney

Conn studied at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) gaining a B.A in Medicinal Chemistry and an M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. During his studies Conn carried out research into the Development of Antimonial Ribonucleotides Reductase Inhibitors as Potential Anti-Leishmanial Agents. More recently, Conn worked in the development and synthesis of Anti-Cancer β-Lactam Prodrugs, and determination of their enantiomeric excess using chiral HPLC. Conn then spent a year carrying out post-graduate research into the development of hydrogels with implications for use in biomimetics, drug delivery and anti-cancer treatments before joining Definition IP as a trainee patent attorney in 2021.


Conn has a B.A. in Medicinal Chemistry and an MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences both from Trinity College Dublin.

Conn Power

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